Membership Information

To participate in Judo at Norwich Premier Judo Club, you will need:

  • To pay the relevant session fee.
  • A valid club membership.
  • A valid British Judo Association membership / licence.


Session fee - helps pay the rent and bills.
Club Membership  - helps maintain upkeep of club facilities.
British Judo Association membership - means you can be graded for coloured belts, enter competitions and be insured on the mat.

The Clubs Committee have written a document to welcome new members to the Club. Included is information about the committee, club rules and information about licences & suits.

Click here to download the welcome pack.

Session Fees

Juniors and Students -  £3 per person.

Seniors  -  £5 per person.

Club Membership

Juniors and Students -  £15 per year.
Seniors  -  £25 per year.

Yellow Belt Challenge

The Fighting Chance Project is a not for profit company that engages disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled young people into the sport of judo by setting them our Yellow Belt Challenge.  The Fighting Chance Project hopes to educate, motivate and inspire young people as we help to affect positive
changes in their young lives through the introduction of a new positive activity.
The Yellow Belt Challenge engages the young person into their local judo club where they participate in judo alongside other young people already attending
the club. Each young person that signs up to our challenge will get their very own Yellow Belt Challenge pack.

This is a Sports England Sportivate Project for those aged between 11 - 25 years.  Sign up via the Yellow Belt Challenge on our Links page and you will receive:

1 Free Session
12 months Free membership to British Judo Association
4 Free Gradings
1 signed autograph card of a British Judo 2012 Olympian
1 Free Judo Suit (Gi)

British Judo Association Membership Information.

Judo is a great sport for everyone

  • from school age to any age
  • from fully able to special need

Judo offers

  • Levels of activity from recreational to excellence
  • Improved fitness, confidence and awareness
  • equality and fair play
  • Judo is ideally suited to the all round development of the individual through exciting Governing Body membership and awards schemes:

Junior Membership for 8 to 15 year olds £27 (renewal £24) per year

  • Junior Grading Scheme
  • Age and Ability Banded Competitions
  • County, Area and National Squads
  • International Representation
  • Junior Referee Training Scheme
  • Matside Magazine

Senior Membership for 16 years + £38 (renewal £35) per year

  • Senior Grading Scheme
  • Ability Banded Competitions
  • Veteran Competitions
  • County, Area and National Squads
  • International Representation
  • Coach Award Training Scheme
  • Referee Training Scheme
  • Competition Official Training Scheme
  • Matside Magazine

The BJA also provides two additional membership schemes:

Four Month Membership (Pay as you throw)  £12.00

With many clubs starting beginners courses the BJA Introductory licences are available for both seniors and juniors.

Introductory licences are valid for a four month period and include the benefit of national governing body membership, full BJA personal accident and public liability insurance cover.

Recreational Membership Seniors £15.00

A lot of people in our sport no longer grade or compete at competitions or are club secretaries, Table Officials these members still want the reassurance of BJA membership and the insurance cover that provides. Recreational Membership of the BJA is the answer for them, with 10 million civil liability and 100,000 personal accident. Recreational Membership meets the needs of the non-competitive judo player.

Recreational members also receive Matside Magazine. In addition to all of the above benefits the British Judo Association provides as part of your membership fee probably the best insurance scheme of any Sports Governing Body.

Prices from January 2014

British Judo’s membership fees were last increased in April 2010, during which time costs to the association have increased significantly. Membership fees form only a small part of the association’s income, with the majority coming from UK Sport and Sport England which suffered a reduction for the 2013-17 period.

From 1st January 2014 the following changes to prices will become effective:

Type/Age Band 2014 Price Change
Senior New £38 + £1
Senior Renewal £35 + £3
Junior/Student New £27 + £1
Junior/ Student Renewal £24 + £3
Under 8's New £26 NO CHANGE
Under 8's Renewal £21 NO CHANGE
Recreational £15 - £5
Four-Month Membership
(Pay as you throw)
£12 -/+ £2

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