Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to start Judo at Norwich Premier Judo Club?

The minimum age for children is 8 years old.

What clothing do you have to wear?

The club holds a number of spare suits for juniors & senior players, but we expect you to arrive in loose fitting clothing, which do not have zips. Also no jewellery is allowed on the mat, which includes earrings, studs and belly button rings.

How much does a Judo Suit cost?

A junior suit will cost you approximately £25, the senior suits usually cost between £35 - £50 for a beginners suit. You could also look in the local papers for suits, as you know children grow and most families then sell off their old suits.

Which senior session do I attend, Tuesdays or Thursdays?

If you are new to the sport of Judo then we recommend that players attend the Thursday sessions. When you have attained a higher grade, then two sessions would enhance your skills. Tuesday sessions are mainly for the more advanced players, the session is of a more competitive nature.

How much does it cost?

For Junior & Student members there is a yearly £15 fee and a session costs £3. For Seniors the membership fee is £25 with a session fee of £4.

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